A Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta Georgia is going to see you through what is an extremely stressful situation in your life. The Howard Law Group is highly respected across the state of Georgia. We have consistently been chosen for inclusion in Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine, and has outstanding reviews on the AV Rating* through AVVO

In addition, Bryan Howard is a former prosecutor with extensive knowledge in the courtroom. The Howard Law Group understand the tactics and strategies used by the other side, and they use that knowledge to help their clients achieve the best possible resolution to their criminal case.

Atlanta DUI Attorney

Our law firm offers assistance with both state and federal charges across a wide range of practice areas, including white collar crimes, drug crimes, Internet crimes, DUI and property crimes. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, our lawyers will provide attentive legal service that seeks to place you in the best possible legal position.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be far-reaching. If convicted for drunk driving, you face license suspension, jail time and large fines. In addition, your job could be jeopardized, your insurance premiums will increase substantially and a conviction will appear on your permanent criminal record.

Aggressive DUI/DWI Defense Lawyers
At The Howard Law Group, we work hard to minimize the effects that a DUI conviction has on our clients’ lives. While each case is different, we may be able to reduce the charges or sentence against you. When there are good reasons to challenge the evidence, we will consult with forensic experts and field sobriety test trainers to expose mistakes on the part of arresting officers or technical problems with the breathalyzer.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Atlanta Georgia, it is important to understand your options and the process involved in preparing for your hearing. To learn how we can help you beat your DUI conviction, contact DUI experts at the Howard Law Group. The BEST DUI DEFENSE IS A GOOD ATTORNEY!