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My Rights if Arrested for DUI in Atlanta? Atlanta DUI Defense Attorneys

Anyone who is driving through or in Atlanta even law-abiding citizens, should understand their basic rights during an Atlanta DUI arrest. By the way, the best of us sometimes make a wrong choice. Being charged with a Atlanta DUI is NOT the end of the world.

A Atlanta DUI arrest in particular poses specialized situations, such as blood alcohol and field sobriety testing. Individuals who do not know their options during a Atlanta DUI arrest run a significant risk of harming their defense if they do not know how to properly handle themselves while dealing with the Atlanta Police during a DUI stop.

Your rights during a drunken driving arrest in Atlanta

  • The right to remain silent: Even the most innocent statement you make to a law enforcement official during an Atlanta DUI arrest is virtually guaranteed to be used against you in court. Do not assume you know the difference between an innocent statement and a statement that may guarantee your conviction. Many, but not all police vehicles now are equipped with video and audio recording equipment. It is possible that your actions and statements may be recorded all the way to the jail. Exercise your right to remain silent if you do not have an attorney at your side.
  • The right to refuse a chemical blood alcohol test: Georgia has implied consent laws, which essentially mean that you consented to a chemical blood test by virtue of driving on the highways in Georgia. As such, your license or priviliege to drive in Georgia is administratively suspended if you refuse to take the test, even if you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you refuse. Still, this might be an acceptable consequence, particularly if you suspect your blood alcohol concentration is likely to be high because it reduces the amount of detailed evidence against you. You need to make this determination.
  • The right to refuse a field sobriety test: Not to be confused with chemical tests, the police may ask you to perform such activities during a drunken driving arrest in Atlanta as walking a straight line, standing on one leg, or various verbal tests. These test are generally considered unscientific in nature and may not hurt your Atlanta DUI defense.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Atlanta on a DUI Charge, don’t go it ALONE! A DUI can be a long and exhausting process. Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP so we can guide you through the Atlanta DUI Process.