Atlanta DUI Checkpoints

How to Avoid a DUI Charge in Atlanta What Atlanta Drivers Should know

Being arrested on a DUI Charge in Atlanta is a serious issue. However, it’s not the end of the world and it does not make you a bad person. In Atlanta, there are plenty of DUI Lawyers that you can hire, to help guide you through the DUI court process. Of course there are those “people” that think they can go it alone. Yikes! Don’t be one of those people.  The first defense to a Atlanta DUI, is NOT to get one. How to avoid a DUI charge.

The 2012 Georgia Crash Analysis Statistics and Information report shines light on the following troubling statistics about driving under the influence of alcohol:

Each year in Georgia there are between 300 – 400 alcohol-related fatalities, making up about 25% of the overall road fatalities each year. Fulton County, home to City of Atlanta, consistently has the highest rate of alcohol-related crashes.

When you’re out enjoying all the holiday office parties in Atlanta, a safe ride home is an essential part of the plan. Driving under the influence is dangerous to you and dangerous to others on the road. Making plans to get a safe ride home is especially important on holidays like New Year’s Eve and during the overall holiday season when many people who are otherwise safe slip up with one too many glasses of champagne.

If you don’t have a designated driver available, you still have options for getting home safely. Some services will even drive your car home for you! Below are the best options for getting home safely and avoiding a DUI in Atlanta.


Of course, the go-to option for getting home safely is a taxi cab. Taxis are typically readily available in Atlanta’s nightlife districts on weekend nights. Midtown in particular has a high availability of taxis near the bars and clubs in the Crescent Street area. Bartenders are usually more than willing to call a cab for you, though it’s usually faster to try to hail one on the street before asking a bartender for help.

If you’re a smart phone user, try the app CURB (previously Taxi Magic), which allows you to reserve a cab with your phone.

SafeRide America

Want a ride home but don’t want to leave your car behind? SafeRide is the leader of the pack for getting both you and your vehicle home. They send two drivers – one to drive you in your own car, and a second car to take transport the first driver once you are home safe in your bed.

SafeRide members pay a membership/pick-up fee and then pay per-mile for their ride. It costs a bit more than a taxi, but you don’t have to worry about tracking down your car in the morning! As an example, a sample taxi fare to go about five miles is calculated at $15 plus tip (based on one rider) while with SafeRide (using the mobile app) would cost about $25 plus tip


Uber is fairly new to the Atlanta scene and already made a big splash with late night partiers. The car service is an app-based ride provider that uses off-duty town cars like a taxi service. The app is slick and easy to use. You can see how far away various drivers are and an approximate wait time before you request a car. Service is fairly quick within the city. Instead of a taxi, you get a nice car (SUVs available for larger groups) that comes with a friendly driver, and usually other perks like bottled water and mints.

A five mile sample fair via Uber would cost around $25 dollars, which includes tip and up to four passengers. Often if you have many passengers, the price rivals that of a taxi because taxis charge additional fees. Uber payments are processed directly from your phone, so there’s no need to have cash on hand.

Note: Uber sometimes raises prices on holidays, but they will always warn you in the app first

Of course, we often think “It’s not going to happen to me”. Nobody ever thinks they will get a DUI on the way home. We have defended cases where people have gotten a DUI in their DRIVEWAY.

Be safe this holiday season! Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP if you or someone you know has received a DUI charge in Atlanta. We are here to help.