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Hit and Run Lawyer Atlanta Leaving the Scene of an Accident

In Atlanta a Hit and Run is a very serious crime. If you have been arrested and charged with an Atlanta Hit and Run, You are going to need a Atlanta Hit and Run Lawyer.

Hit and Run specifically refers to striking another vehicle that is occupied and then driving away.   Leaving the scene of an accident and failing in one’s duty to report an accident or striking a fixed object are similar offenses.  These are very serious traffic offenses that can have even harsher penalties than a DUI.  For example, for someone with no prior record, a DUI driver can often get a limited permit for school and work.  In the case of Hit an Run, many times there no limited permit to drive.  Additionally, Hit and Run is a crime of specific intent.  You have a decide to leave the scene of an accident.  As a result, hit and run – leaving the scene of an accident is more serious than DUI in Georgia.

If convicted of hit and run, a driver will face at least a four-month driver’s license suspension. In limited circumstances, you may qualify for a restricted license depending on your driver’s record. If you are convicted of Hit and Run with DUI, your will not qualify for any type of license.

Additionally, if you have prior offenses or are convicted of an offense that carries its own suspension, along with the Hit and Run, you may be facing a “hard suspension” of your license. A hard suspension means you will have no license or permit whatsoever. Hit and Run can also have devastating effects on your insurance if convicted.

With all this being said, things are not hopeless. There are many offenses similar to Hit and Run that do not cause a license suspension or some of the other penalties associated with the offense.

Knowing how Georgia’s Hit and Run laws can work for you.

Most cases start out as a violation of the specific Hit and Run Law (O.C.G.A 40-6-270). This is the most serious version of the charge, the one that causes a 6 month license suspension. However, the facts of your case may be more like the other, less serious version of the law. (Duty upon Striking unattended vehicle O.C.G.A 40-6-271 & Duty to Report an Accident O.C.G.A 40-6-273)

The Howard Law Group tries to apply the facts of your case to the other versions of the Hit and Run Laws. That is how we will be able to keep you out of jail and save your drivers license. The guidance of your attorney is the most important thing in your case.

If you or anyone you know has been arrested for a Hit and Run in Atlanta, please contact the Howard Law Group ASAP. We are here to defend your Hit and Run Charge.