Atlanta Top Rated DUI Attorneys

High Rated DUI Lawyers in Atlanta What you should know about a DUI Charge in Atlanta

What does a “High Rated DUI Lawyer in Atlanta” mean? We get this question a lot. Let’s start by explaining what is NOT!.  Choosing the right law firm can be stressful. Many people’s DUI charges are their only encounter with law enforcement and they know very little about how to obtain a lawyer. So they “Google” it.  They see all kinds of Lawyers, Attorneys, Ads for Law Firms. But that doesn’t really amount to much if you get convicted of a Georgia DUI.

High Rated DUI Lawyers should have an Avvo Rating that is pretty close to 10. They should have positive reviews. But more importantly, they should NOT be so quick to Plea Bargain your DUI Case. If they mention the word “Plea Bargain” at your first Consultation…RUN!

Atlanta DUI Lawyers Bryan Howard, and Christina Champagne know the States Prosecutors who will be trying to convict you. They understand the system and have defended DUI cases throughout Metro Atlanta and throughout North Georgia. If handing DUI cases were easy, anyone could do it. However, too many attorneys dabble in DUI Defense without having the skills necessary to truly defend DUI cases in Georgia. Hire Atlanta DUI Attorneys that focus their entire practice on Georgia DUI Defense.

It’s not enough to be first on a Google Search. A good Atlanta DUI Lawyer has to be patient, understanding, and guide you through what will be a stressful time in your life. They will build trust with you, and fight for your reputation. That’s what a High Rated DUI Lawyer in Atlanta does. Contact the Howard Law Group if you or someone you know had been charged with a Atlanta DUI.