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The Howard Law Group was founded on the principles of truth, justice, accountability, and equal access. Our Atlanta DUI success has been the result of each attorney and staff member’s commitment to these guiding principles.

Members of our firm engage in a legal defense strategies that help you win your Atlanta DUI case. When it comes to effective Atlanta DUI defense and representation in Georgia, experience isn’t enough. We have also earned a reputation for success, integrity in the courts, and an intelligent, hard-nosed approach to fighting for our clients’ best interests and rights. We protect your privacy and we won’t judge you, and we will use plain English to explain the law, the possible penalties, and how your decisions will affect the outcome of your case.

As a a former prosecutor and aggressive litigator in State, Federal, and Municipal Courts where we have encountered every imaginable Georgia legal issue. Knowledge and the relationships we have built will make a difference in your case.

In the case of celebrity DUIs. We have a lot of TV Movies, and Shows be produced in Atlanta. Anyone, and we mean Anyone get get a DUI in Atlanta. It’s not the end of anyone’s career. It’s just a mistake, and we are here to help. We protect your privacy and will make a difficult time as smooth as possible for you. If you have received a Atlanta DUI, contact the Howard Law Group.