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Living in Atlanta is somewhat of a challenge when it comes to driving around. Traffic is heavy and congested and sometimes you are tempted to take a shortcut. Turning on Red when you aren’t suppose to type of shortcut. Sometimes the smallest shortcut can lead to a accident. You are ticketed. Think you need an Atlanta Lawyer for that? Yes, you sure do. No person should represent themselves in Atlanta Traffic Court.

The most common Atlanta traffic offense is speeding. Every driver is given a citation for speeding at some time in their life. For most people, a traffic ticket for speeding will be the first and only contact they will have with the court system in Georgia. Of course the Howard Law Group handles all traffic charges in Atlanta Municipal Court and is always happy to help.

There is no reason to be afraid of traffic court in Georgia. In fact, Atlanta traffic courts are designed to give second and sometimes third chances for those charged with speeding and other minor traffic offenses. However, as a Former Prosecutor, we know the State isn’t just going to cut you a break because you’re a nice person. You need the help of someone familiar with the court process, the judges, and the prosecutors.

Atlanta Traffic Court System Explained:

If you are cited for an Atlanta traffic ticket your case will be heard in Atlanta Municipal Court at: 150 Garnett Street Atlanta GA 30303. The court’s main telephone number is: (404) 658-6940. The Atlanta Municipal Court website includes court calendars and the ability to pay some citations online. Never pay a fine without first speaking to a qualified Atlanta Traffic Ticket Attorney. When a fine is paid, that is affectively a plea of guilty to the charge.

You have the right to have your Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer negotiate a plea agreement or conduct a bench trial (a trial with the judge deciding the case). There are no jury trials in any Georgia municipal court. However, since all Georgia traffic tickets are misdemeanors, you have the right to send your case to the Fulton County State Court for a jury trial. Keep in mind that sending a case to state court is not without risks. The state courts are annoyed with traffic cases that should have settled in municipal court. As a result, drivers risk additional consequences in state court and should always consult with the Atlanta Traffic Ticket Attorneys from the Howard Law Group before making any substantive decision of their case. Once a case is sent to a higher court, it cannot be sent back to a lower court when the accused does not like the outcome.

Why do I need Representation In Atlanta Traffic Ticket Court:

Your driving record is at stake, so is the money you pay out for car insurance. The goal of the case is simple, to get the ticket reduced to something that will not be reported on your MVR. In Georgia, tickets of less than 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit will not be reported on a driver’s record. As a result, understanding the point system in Georgia is extremely important. Points are assessed based on the speed alleged:

Speeding 14 mph or less = 0 points
Speeding 15-18 mph = 2 points
Speeding 19-23 mph = 3 points
Speeding 24-33 mph = 4 points
Speeding 34 mph or more = 6 points
Reckless Driving = 4 points
Aggressive Driver = 6 points
Improper Lane Change = 3 points
Passing a School Bus = 6 points
Hit and Run = License Suspension
DUI = License Suspension
Open Container = 2 points
Any Other Moving Violation = 3 Points

Atlanta driving citations can be harmful to your driving record, and getting auto insurance. Don’t be fooled by just thinking you need to pay a fine. Contact us today and speak to us about the citation itself. We maybe able to get it dismissed entirely. Contact the Howard Law Group.