Reckless Driving Lawyers Atlanta

Atlanta Reckless Driving Lawyer

In Atlanta, reckless driving is a more serious traffic violation that may be charged as a misdemeanor offense. A defendant may face up to 12 months in a county correctional facility as well as steep fines if convicted. In addition, he or she will face having to live with a criminal record, which can hinder employment and financial opportunities. Reckless driving is also a 4-point traffic offense, meaning that 4 points may be assessed on a driver’s record for a conviction of this kind. These points may result in increased insurance premiums, and if a driver accumulates 15 points within a certain time period, he or she will face driver’s license suspension.

Reckless driving refers to operating a motor vehicle in an aggressive and dangerous manner, meant to annoy, endanger, harass, injure or harm another person. It may also be referred to as aggressive driving. Less serious forms of reckless driving may be charged as careless driving.

If you have been pulled over and received a citation for reckless driving, you may face serious criminal penalties, including imprisonment as well as fines, community service and probation. It is crucial in these matters to have a competent criminal defense lawyer at your side to protect your interests and ensure your constitutional rights are protected through every step of the criminal process associated with your charges.

If you are under 21, though, the consequences for driving recklessly are far more serious. They could even cause a license suspension, which may affect your ability to get to class or work.

The law does not require a fine for a driving violation like this one, but allows it to be up to $1,000.00. It is rare for the court to impose no fine if you were driving recklessly. The actual amount will depend on the court, the circumstances of your ticket, your driving history and whether you are also pleading to other charges.

Remember that court costs are often added to the total fine, so you could be looking at a fine that’s well above $1000.00.

If you or someone you know has a Atlanta Reckless Driving Charge against them, you are going to need an Atlanta Defense Attorney. Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP so we can get that off your record.