How to reinstate your Georgia License

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In Atlanta, driving on a suspended license is considered a serious offense and may lead to arrest. If you  have been pulled over after a roadblock, the APD officers are likely to arrest you if they check your driver’s license and find it suspended or if you have no driver’s license at all. Atlanta is no place to drive if your license is currently suspended

Usually what happens in a suspended license is: You get a suspended license for a DUI in Atlanta, or for failing to pay a traffic ticket.  Then you are found guilty of the suspended license, and it causes another suspended license.  As a result, your license suspension is extended by an minimum of another 6 months. So, then each and every arrest and conviction results in a further suspension of your drivers license.

The most important thing is to stop the cycle.  It’s a two-part process that takes the best legal counsel and the accused helping himself as well.  Both the lawyer and the accused must work together in a suspended license case, far more than any other traffic misdemeanor.


Your Atlanta Lawyer will help advice you on how to get your license re-instated.  Whether its settling old unpaid tickets or find our what the Georgia Department of Drivers Services needs in order to reinstate the license. This step is essential in handing the case.  Our Suspended License Lawyers will help you settle old cases and deal with the Georgia DDS for you.


The second step is the court process.  Once your license is reinstated, the Howard Law Group will work towards the dismissal or reduction of your pending suspended license charge.  That’s how the suspended license cycle stops.  We need to get the pending suspended license charge dismissed.  Once we get your last suspended license charge dismissed or reduced to a lessor charge such as no license on person, you can then get off the suspended license cycle.


If you cannot afford car insurance, don’t drive. If you get a ticket, make sure to take care of it.  If you are ever arrested for a serious traffic offense, hire a lawyer to represent you.  Take care of yourself and never allow it to happen again.

The Atlanta Attorneys at the Howard Law Group are trained to get to the bottom of your drivers license problems and help you avoid the ever-increasing consequences of driving on a suspended license.  Otherwise, you face what we describe in the next section of this page. It’s far better to stop the cycle and avoid jail-time and further suspension of your license.

If you have prior offenses you are more likely to face arrest and will be facing jail time, hefty fines, and strict probation requirements. Driving on a suspended license is generally considered a misdemeanor offense, however it can be upgraded to a high and aggravated misdemeanor offense if there are prior convictions on your record. You may also find yourself labeled as a habitual violator and be charged with a felony. In some cases, drivers who have no driver’s license are charged with this offense concurrently with a DUI charge.


Your suspended license may be independent or charged along with DUI; in either situation it carries the same severe penalties. At the Howard Law Group, we can help drivers just like you get their licenses back. Being able to drive in Georgia is important. Public transportation alternatives are limited, so having a valid Georgia driver’s license is essential for many people to keep their jobs, get to school, and handling childcare or family concerns.

If you currently have a Suspended License, contact us today for a Free Consultation and start the reinstatement of your Atlanta Drivers License today!