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A DUI in Atlanta is a serious offense, and you need a serious Lawyer who can represent you. As a Former Prosecutor, I understand the process better than  most. Aggressive Litigation and knowledge of DUI defense strategies is what we do. Hiring the right Atlanta DUI Lawyer is always stressful, but don’t think you can do this on your own. An Atlanta DUI will not fix itself.

The Howard Law Group – founded on the principles of truth, justice, accountability, and equal access. Our success has been the result of each attorney and staff member’s commitment to these guiding principles.
Members of our firm engage in a legal defense strategies that help you win your case. When it comes to effective criminal defense and representation in Atlanta Georgia, experience isn’t enough. We have also earned a reputation for success, integrity in the courts, and an intelligent, hard-nosed approach to fighting for our clients’ best interests and rights. We won’t judge you, and we will use plain English to explain the law, the possible penalties, and how your decisions will affect the outcome of your case. As a a former prosecutor and aggressive litigator in State, Federal, and Municipal Courts where we have encountered every imaginable Georgia legal issue. Knowledge and the relationships we have built will make a difference in your case.

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How to beat a DUI Arrest in Georgia

Bryan was a two-time All-American hockey player in college and he takes that same tenacity into the courtroom. He is afraid of no one and will stand up to any judge, prosecutor or attorney that stands in the way of justice for his clients.

It makes no difference to us whether this is your first DUI Offense, Second DUI Offense, or Third. We will represent you with the same aggressive litigation in the court room. We don’t judge, we help.

An Atlanta DUI is a DEFENSIBLE Case! Just because  you received one, doesn’t mean it can’t be dismissed. But you if you don’t  have an Attorney, you will NOT KNOW. The Prosecutor wants you to receive punishment no matter what. It’s our job to make sure the police have done THEIR job. Sometimes, the Atlanta DUI arrest is not done correctly.

If you have been arrested in Atlanta for a DUI You have 10 days to save your driving privilege. By requesting an ALS Hearing, your Atlanta DUI Lawyer Brian Howard, files a hearing request with the Georgia Department of Drivers Services. If an Attorney doesn’t, your license can be suspended for up to one year. If you are out of state driver, Georgia will suspend your privilege to drive in our state. Your home state may then move to suspend your license depending on the laws in your home state. Act now to save your driver’s license.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Atlanta Metro or anywhere in the State of Georgia, we can help you with your DUI case. Don’t wait, time is essential! Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP.